About Us

Aksesuar Group that brings a new dimension to decoration since 1996 put your life spaces quality over top due to functional, esthetic and permanent solutions created private for space.

Aksesuar Group that offers special designs of European luxurious brands including bathroom, kitchen, outer space facade stones and garden arranging to your taste offers you the latest innovations with home decoration alternative product groups.

Aksesuar Group that includes over 100 private brands’ products those proved themselves in international platform and distributed by Aksesuar Group turns places you dreamed into real.

Aksesuar Group offers you the richest product range of the world with its expert staff, strong background and superior supply chain in totally almost 7.500 square meters four stores at Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iraq.

Furthermore, it makes a unique atmosphere contribution to your spaces by supporting alternative unique decoration ideas produces by expert design staff within with special architectural designs.

Aksesuar Group that aims to produce more value carried out and delivered many key-ready construction projects successfully in countries worked in.

Aksesuar Group that produces high quality structures with low construction costs due to its international experience in construction sector and using high technology continues to produce modern structures that customize cities with finished residences, business districts, restaurant and hotel projects.