Group Companies


Aksesuar Group is a company union that has national and international experiences in its field construction sector since 1985. It growths in a healthy way and applies global scaled construction technologies successfully due to its expert staffs those have modern architectural and engineering information.

Completely customer satisfaction focused produced design, production, sales and after sales alternative solutions are the biggest guarantee of its success. Aksesuar Group shares its happiness of providing first class service with its 3 display stores in Azerbaijan and Iraq as well as 2.500 square meter new store in Istanbul Florya, totally 7.500 square meter display area .


Aksesuar Group that provides special designs of almost 100 luxurious brands in Europe including decoration; bathroom, kitchen, outdoor front facade stones, garden arranging to its distinguished customer for last 20 years is in Turkey now with its alternative offer in decoration. Aksesuar Group Turkey corporate Aksesuar Design offers you the richest product range of the world with its expert staff, strong background and superior product supply chain.

It provides a unique atmosphere to your spaces by supporting alternative decoration ideas design staff created with special architectural designs. It conducts stock-work about bathroom and kitchen with over 50 brands and wards your demands concerning bathroom and kitchen with free design and free montage advantage.


Aksesuar İnşaat CO Iraq Company was established as a result of refreshing markets in 2011 war victim Iraq and assessing structuring demand arising in construction sector again. Aksesuar İnşaat CO Iraq that produces completely private first class structures in contrary of “basic house” approach based on routine and brings quality and esthetic in spaces together due to its alternative practices in decoration production opened third and the biggest structure store of Middle East in Erbil.


Aksesuar İnşaat MMC was established to examine its domestic experiences in international market in 1996. Aksesuar İnşaat MMC that incorporates global scaled technologies developed in construction sector fast, got credit by realizing very important public and private sector projects in Azerbaijan.

At the same time, Aksesuar İnşaat MMC signed distributorship and dealership agreement with almost 100 luxurious construction accessory manufacturer those are world brand in their fields and European, especially Italian and Spanish origin. Aksesuar İnşaat MMC opened first and the biggest luxurious construction accessories store of Azerbaijan and Far East history in Azerbaijan’s capital city Baku.

Aksesuar İnşaat MMC AZ that brings a new dimension to decoration with esthetic, functional and permanent solutions produced private for space put life spaces’ quality over the top and offered special design products of Europe’s the most luxurious brands including bathroom, kitchen, ceramic and outer space facade stones, garden arrangements to customers. Then opened second display store in Baku upon profound request.