April 2016 2nd Press Statement

For Architects and Decoration lovers in spring

A real festival is starting:

Aksesuar Design is at its Florya Showroom with its almost 100 brands!

Aksesuar Design that provide services in Azerbaijan and Iraq for 20 years and added Turkey to its success chain by opening its first store in Istanbul-Florya on March 2016 with all its brand family and experience recently became frequent destination of designers, architects and decoration lovers in a short time.

Aksesuar Design that gets into decoration sector in 1996 and has a large product range including outer space & inner space surface covers and subsidiary decorative designs at baths and kitchens particularly and global brand family brings its 20 years’ experience in Baku and Erbil to Turkey now and starts a real spring decoration festival with more than 100 international superstar brands exhibited in its new showroom at Istanbul Florya.

Aksesuar Design that takes decoration lovers to a real design journey with total 7.000 square meter four showrooms in Iraq, Turkey and Azerbaijan offers special advantages such as visual quality, professional approach, technical support, logistic supremacy and timing with thematic place examples in store to all customers, architects particularly.

Architect Bora Mutlu who executed store’s design and application explains his thoughts about showroom like this: “I can say that first words come into my mind about Aksesuar Design showroom is: excitement, query, production, corruption, regeneration, deletion, responsibility, cooperation, happiness and sadness. Actually all these are a complete description of life… Principal effect of work of art we experienced now by being included concerning all creators worked to create it was; hurry to exhibit creations of people in suitable way who makes owned works true, original and different by using information and skills with natural ones at both our country’s territories and another place of the world. I can say that this is creating a “background” or “skin”. This background and skin should have been in a consistence which neither get ahead of products nor steal their energy by paling beside.

I think we gave a good reaction against action with all contributor individuals. It was a sharing, respectful and developer period for everybody including employer and employee who started to work firstly. I believe that we gave to art designers of whom arts are exhibited here and all employees produced those they deserve and therefore users will feel good. I hope, I am not mistaken…”.

Many significant brands collections such as Adex for ground and wall covers, Cerdomus, Fap Ceramiche, Fiandre, Floorgres, Grespania, Limestone, Naxos, Newker, Porcelaingres, Tonino Lamborghini, Art Ceram at bath, Azzurra, Bathco, Bertocci, Bianchini Capponi, Butech, Cappelletti, Falper, Gamadecor, Hatria, Lineag, Lineabeta, Lineatre, Margaroli, Nicol, Noken, Teuco, Treesse, Cristina, Fiorentine, Mestre, Nicolazzi, Steinberg, L’antic Colonial for natural stone and mosaic, Veromar, Gamadecor for kitchen and Inkiostro Bianco for wallpaper are put on the market on 2.000 square meter new showroom at Istanbul, Florya Beşyol.


Turkish brand Veromar that produces special design marble and mosaic towards luxurious segment became the one of the most attractive brand of the international market at short notice due to its unique designs and opened showrooms in ABD, Italy and Kazakstan as well as its main factory in Balıkesir.

Designs of this brand that makes various innovative designs on marble and all kinds of natural stones are placed on the top of purchasing list of all world architects and professionals from America to the Far East now.

Wall and ground covering designs of brand those were produced by boutique manual labor meets with Turkish decoration lovers once again. This brand brings its collections and innovative products together with sector by attending Cersair, Masters of Lxry, Unicera and Coverings fairs those are the most prestigious fairs of the world every year.

It is possible to organize many different places and to create sophisticated places with many collections of Veromar those addresses to different styles and current trends.

Aksesuar Design İstanbul;

Beşyol Mahallesi, Akasya Sokak, No:29, Florya, İstanbul, Türkiye.

Tel +90 212 598 55 98